I'm experienced in web development with Ruby on Rails. I prefer to work on the back-end side of web applications, but I can do HTML too - and I'm a good friend with jQuery. I have a solid knowledge of SQL databases, MySQL in particular, but I also like to experiment with the modern non-relational alternatives like CouchDB or Google Datastore.

From my past jobs I also have an experience with Rails deployment on Unix systems, including High Availability clusters. Now, I try to do most deployment in the cloud, using Heroku or Google App Engine.

I also think it's very importat to view the application from user's perspective, but not being a slave to his ideas. When I worked as an analyst, I have developed an ability to talk my customers out of unneccessary features, thus anabling us both to do less, and underdo our competition :)

Right now, I'm perfecting my communication and presentation skills teaching Ruby and Rails programming on Unicorn College, but I'm able to take some shorter Rails jobs too.

I'm also trying to promote modern web technologies as a local Google User Group leader: uc.gug.cz I have already organized a few events with speakers from various technological areas. My experience from promoting those events make me think, that I'm a bit of a social media expert, but who isn't today :)

Here you can see me talking about Google App Engine (in czech)

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